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Information for active winter recreation lovers

This year, nature pampers lovers of winter activities: a thick blanket of snow has been covering hills, fields and forests for almost three weeks. According to weather forecasts, there are many refreshing days ahead, when winter tiredness can be dispelled by enjoying active recreation in the fresh air. In Daugavpils, this can be done both by sliding down the hills in all districts of the city, and by visiting specially installed sports facilities. All epidemiological safety requirements must be observed during recreation activities!


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Daugavpils to submit 6 objects for the competition ''The Best Building of the Year in Latvia''

Last year was very productive for Daugavpils in the field of construction and development. Several projects have been completed, rebuilt buildings and new buildings have been put into operation, and large areas in various districts of the city have been visually transformed. The work done allows Daugavpils not only to participate in the prestigious competition "The Best Building of the Year in Latvia", which has been organized for more than 20 years, but also to nominate six objects in different nominations.


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