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While the exhibitions in the premises of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre are waiting for the reopening, the treasures from the collections of the Art Centre take to the streets and create expositions in the city shop windows. The works of the ceramic collection go to the streets first.

During the coldest months of the year, the artwork group “August” of the St. Petersburg ceramist Anastasia Charina provides artistic vitaminization to the Daugavpils District Municipality Cultural Centre “Vārpa”. The composition was created for the exhibition of the 1st Latvia Ceramic Biennale competition “Martinson`s Award” and after the exhibition was added to the collection of contemporary ceramics of the Rothko Centre. Describing herself, the ceramist admits: “Ceramic is fire. And I "burn" while doing my job. When the clay comes to life in my hands, I no longer belong to myself. I become a part of this element". The exhibition of artworks in the shop window of the Cultural Centre "Vārpa" will be open until March 31.

The shop window of Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre – which is as diverse as Daugavpils itself – is decorated by five ceramic faces made in completely different techniques. The works of Janina Myronova (Poland), Julia Repina (Russia) and Ieva Jurka (Latvia) were created in Daugavpils Fortress at the Ceramic Art Symposium “Ceramic Laboratory”, while the works of Anette Defoort (Belgium) and Klaus Gutowski (Australia) have been included in the collection of the Rothko Centre after the Latvia Ceramic Biennale.

Currently, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in cooperation with the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre is preparing for the 3rd Latvia Ceramic Biennale, which is expected in the summer, but in the meantime other shop windows on the city streets are considered, which could be enriched with the artworks of previous years.


Publicity photos:

Annette Defoort (Beļgium) Gran Carlo, stone mass, glazes, oxides, pigments, sherds, h-54cm, 2016;

Klaus Gutowski (Australia) Rabbit Pank, porcelain, underglaze, engobes, luster, h-59cm, 2018.


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Aivars Baranovskis

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