Now in Daugavpils



As summer approaches, Daugavpils parks and squares are gradually filled with babbling water sounds. This year, the residents of Daugavpils will be delighted by five fountains in different districts of the city and a water cascade on Rīgas Street. Specialists of the responsible services prepared all the equipment for the new season.

The city's largest fountain in Dubrovin Park was the first to resume its operation. It already delights passers-by, but next week, in collaboration with the city's artists, few adjustment works are planned to synchronize the operation of the jets and to create slightly different “water patterns”.

Here in Dubrovin Park there is also a street water faucet. It will run until the end of the season, allowing visitors not only to refresh themselves on a hot summer day or wash their hands, but also to help the environment by reducing the use of PET bottles, as you can fill your own bottle with drinking water. The street water faucet is connected to the city water supply system and the specialists of the city water supply company take care of the quality of drinking water on a daily basis. Here you can drink water safely and for free.

There are also water cascades at the end of Rīgas Street opposite the railway station.

The burbling of water can now be heard in the square near Daugavpils University. In the nearby square of Andrejs Pumpurs the “girl with a lily” will be polished before the water is turned on. This fountain required a small restoration, so the top layer of paint was removed, but the drop in air temperature and the rainy weather that followed did not allow the work to be completed. But with favourable weather conditions, it will be completed and the fountain will resume its operation.

This year holidaymakers will be delighted by the illuminated fountain at the central beach in Stropi. Assembly work has begun and will continue for some time, so that the fountain, which is about 30 meters high, can very soon appear in all glory. This fountain is unique both because it is beautiful, and also improves the aeration of the lake.

After a while, the fountain in the Esplanade Park will start operating. Here two pumps had to be replaced, delivery of one of them was slightly delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Once all the equipment is received, the fountain will be assembled and will resume its operation.

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