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This year, nature pampers lovers of winter activities: a thick blanket of snow has been covering hills, fields and forests for almost three weeks. According to weather forecasts, there are many refreshing days ahead, when winter tiredness can be dispelled by enjoying active recreation in the fresh air. In Daugavpils, this can be done both by sliding down the hills in all districts of the city, and by visiting specially installed sports facilities. All epidemiological safety requirements must be observed during recreation activities!

One of the most popular places for sports activities in Daugavpils is the Stropi active recreation and sports track. During the winter, it is adapted for skiers, so both professional athletes and those who are just learning the art of skiing are invited to come here. Visitors are asked to be polite to each other and to observe the terms of use of the object, which are placed on information boards. Preparing the track is a laborious and complicated process, so those who want to enjoy the freshness of the pine forest on foot are asked not to use the track, but walk along its side, because the salt and sand on the footwear can damage the surface. This place is not intended for sledding either: it is better to choose one of the many hills in Stropi.

For several years now, winter in Daugavpils is unthinkable without an outdoor skating rink. Unfortunately, this year, due to the pandemic, the decision to install public skating rinks in Unity Square and Central Park was cancelled to prevent people from crowding. The Ice Hall is currently not allowed to receive visitors who want to skate indoors. However, an alternative variant has been found: from January 19, the ice rink of Daugavpils Olympic Centre started operating near the Ice Hall. It is mainly intended for outdoor training of athletes, but it is publicly available for a few hours a day for a small fee. It is also possible to rent skates. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, attendance of the rink is strictly limited: maximum 10 people can use the rink at the same time and only after prior registration. Representatives of the Olympic Centre point out that all attendance times on 19 and 20 January were booked within half an hour. The operation of skating rink is to be terminated during the thaw at the end of the week, but options for increasing the number of hours when the rink is available for public skating, at least on weekends, will be considered.

Information prepared by Public Relations and Marketing Department of Daugavpils City Council.