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Exhibition of painted glass in the Latgale Central Library

From March 1, 2013 in the hall of the periodical press of Latgale Central Library the exhibition of artwork by students of Vabole group of the department of Visually Plastic Arts of Špoģi Music and Art school ‘Spring in the Glass’ will be presented.

Glass is a wonderful material! In ancient times talented masters drew household sketches or compositions of flowers on


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The work on opening of the Mark Rothko Art Centre continues.

Marion Kahan, the manager of the collection of Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko, visited Daugavpils for three days. The aim of her visit was to make sure that the premises of the Mark Rothko Art Centre where will be displayed six original works of Mark Rothko comply the requirements of the all international standards of art museums. The preparation of the visit took long time due to


Culture news 528
24th of February – Family Day

Continuing the tradition, the Family Day will be held at the Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum. We invite families to come on Sunday and to visit expositions and exhibitions for the favourable price – only 1Ls, irrespective of the number of people and, at 13.00, to take part in the interactive program ““The Nature is Dyeing” which will open the secrets of dyeing yarn,


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Exhibition “The Nature is Dyeing”

On 1st February at 12.00 in the exhibition hall of Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum will be opened exhibition “The Nature is Dyeing”. The exhibition will be devoted to in Latvia commonly found herbs which can be easily collected and used in yarn dyeing. There will be available informational material, dried herbs as well as samples of dyed yarn. In the exhibition


Culture news 506
You are kindly invited to the weekly conversation clubs at Erfolg!

You are kindly invited to the weekly conversation clubs at Erfolg! Take this opportunity to practice your foreign languages with our volunteers! We propose 3 different conversation clubs:


      French conversation club on Tuesday from 17:30 to 19:00. This week’s topic is travels (Les voyages: Quelle fut votre


Culture news 500
Exhibition ‘Lithuanian winter solstice decoration ‘Puzurs’ and knitted wrist warmer cuffs’

will be held at the Daugavpils Clay Art Centre from January 18th till March 14th, 2013.

Though according to the astronomical calendar winter continues till March 20, days grow longer again, it is time when Shrovetide (the Latvian equivalent for it is Meteņi) has been celebrated. People are cherishing the hope that the warmth of the sun will return. In the


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Works of Mark Rothko and participants of International Plein Air “Mark Rothko” are transferred to the Rothko Art Centre

From 14th of January, 2013 at the Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum will no longer be exhibition of works of Mark Rothko and participants of International Plein Air “Mark Rothko”.

The works will be exhibited in the newly founded Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre which opening is planned on 24th of April,


Culture news 485
Daugavpils X International Sacred Music Festival “Silver Bells” Main Prize went to mixed choir “Swedbank” (Latvia)

Four days Daugavpils lived in the rhythms and sounds of the X International Sacred Music Festival “Silver Bells”.

Concerts, rehearsals, meetings, excursion to the city and other similar activities brought together more than 2500 participants of the Festival from four countries. On Saturday the main event was contest of choirs, vocal ensembles and groups, which continued also


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Sacred Music Festival ‘Silver Bells’

    The beginning of each New Year is the time of new hopes and spiritual search. In Daugavpils it is also special spiritual time, when rejoicing of soul and spirituality takes place in the churches, concert halls and streets of our city in the period between the New Year’ s Day celebration and the Twelfth Day.

The first choir festival in Daugavpils took place in


Culture news 608
Daugavpils Museum invites visitors to meet the King of Tango

“Oh, these black eyes!” “Moon Rhapsody”, “Last Tango”, “Tell Me Why?” – these sad and enthusiastic tango melodies were played in the concert halls and dance halls in the thirties. Many even didn’t know who the author of these melodies is. Also inDaugavpilshardly anyone knew that King of Tango of theEurope– O. Strok was born in


Culture news 511
In Kaliningrad the reproductions of Rothko works will be exposed

From November 15 to December 15, 2012 in Kaliningrad Art Gallery, in the prospectus of Moscow 60-62 in Kaliningrad (Russia) will be exhibited reproductions of works by born in  Daugavpils founder of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko, promoting the artist's creative work and emerging Daugavpils Mark Rothko's Centre of Art internationally. The organization of exhibition is supported by


Culture news 610
The New Russian House has opened its doors in Varshavas Street

On the 15th of October in a solemn atmosphere were opened new rooms of Daugavpils Russian Culture Centre, which was attended by the heads of Daugavpils City Council, deputies, priests.

Daugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova greeted the Russian House and empathized, thatDaugavpilsis unique with its multiculturalism. The main city’s treasure are the people,


Culture news 615
Daugavpils Palace of culture is 40

On the 22th of October, 1972 DaugavpilsPalaceof culture was opened by a festive concert. This year the Palace is celebrating its’ 40th jubilee. The festive activities will take place from 18th to 24th October.

18.10. at  16.00 – opening of Jurij Dunajsky exhibiton „Star rain inDaugavpils”

19.10 at 13.00 and at 17.30


Culture news 562
Exhibition ''Our works'' takes place in the foyer of the second floor of Daugavpils City Council

On the 26th of September, a very special exhibition was opened in City Council. It is an exhibition of works of art studios ofDaugavpilsMental Hospital. After opening the exhibition, the first Vice-chairman of City Council Vitalijs Azarevičs admitted that sees very heartwarming works, and on behalf of City Council thanked all the authors. He emphasized that every citizen is


Culture news 485
An international Rotko workshop has started

Rotko workshop is being held in Daugavpils for already 8 years in September. It gathers artists from different countries, so that they draw and get inspired by the landscapes of Rotko’s native city - Daugavpils.

On Saturday, September 15, in the courtyard of the Daugavpils Museum the Grand opening was held for visitors. Daugavpils city chairperson Žanna Kulakova pronounced the


Culture news 519
Mėnuo Juodaragis XV festival conquers the sky

The 15th independent post-folk festival "Mėnuo Juodaragis" invites to touch the pagan heart of the Baltics again. The very last Summer weekend - August 24-26 it will come back to Zarasai, North-Eastern Lithuania, the beautiful Zarasai lake island, welcoming the best original artists from European countries and homeland.

A well-known open air event will present a rich


Culture news 596



The exhibition from museum holdings depicts the interior of living room from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. This interior includes elements of an art nouveau (modern style).  High level of spirituality, inward generosity and perfection of plastic forms based on simple forms from natural world, was typical of this style. 

Since ancient times the


Culture news 503
Clay Art Center's Celebration program

Ceramic art and pottery is known in our history from the prehistoric times, in all stages and in different culture.
       ClayArtCenter offers the opportunity to touch the history of pottery again and to celebrate together a birthday on the 12th October, 18 November Street 8, 18.00. Celebration program includes a variety of activities where can


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