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Vietējās solidaritātes – globālās solidaritātes tīkls SOLID (Local solidarity- global solidarity Network)

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SOLID “Local solidarity- global solidarity Network”

The project «Local Solidarity - Global Solidarity Network» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

FINAL RESULT: see document

Project Lead Partner:

 Jette Culture Centre /Le Centre Culturel de Jette/, Jette, Belgium

Project partners:

1.      Daugavpils City Council, Latvia

2.      Bulgarian Centre for LLL, Bulgaria

3.      Sződliget, Hungary

4.      Municipality of Alimos, Greece

5.      EKOLOR" Indjija, Serbia

6.      Male Dvorniky, Slovakia

7.      Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa, Italy

8.      Mogila Municipality, Macedonia

9.      Municipality of Kavadarci, Macedonia

10.  Gmina Dąbrowa, Poland

11.  Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta, Spain

12.  Asociatia European Academy, Romania


European Union “Europe for citizens” program, Strand 2 “Democratic engagement and civic participation”– Measure 2.2 "Networks of Towns"


01/01/2018 - 15/11/2019

International meetings:

1.event –  Jette, Belgium – kick-off meeting 03/2018

2.event – Bulgaria, 06/2018

3.event – Italy, 10/2018

4.event– Greece, 03/2019

5. event – Jette, Belgium – dissemination conference 09/2019

Project aim,   activities and results:

The aim of the project is to establish a long-lasting cooperation in order to create and implement new political tools that enable local communities to have an impact on the global and European solidarity in time of institutional and humanitarian crisis.

Through 5 transnational events, Network-building and local activities we are going to:

•           Interact with the communities, local action groups, activists and policy makers

•           Raise awareness on policies and competences of the EU relative to fundamental values

•           Understand better global politics, interdependencies and phenomena that shape citizens' every-day experiences

•           Learn about the impact of the EU decisions on local and global environment

•           Find common solutions for promoting local and global solidarity development

•           Promote opportunities for societal engagement at all European levels

•           Disseminate tools and good practices of local and global solidarity.

The outcome of the project activities will be a SOLID Network of partners able to design, test and disseminate guidelines for a new policy tool - the "Manual for Solidarity 2020" useful for for community leaders, politicians and other relevant stakeholders, and a missing puzzle in the concept of the European citizenship!


Press release:

14.-15. martā Žetē (Jette) notiks pirmā projekta tikšanās, kur ar galveno uzrunu uzstāsies Hermans van Rompejs! _

Otrā starptautiskā tikšanās - „Solidarity: Focus on the local perspective” – „Solidaritāte: fokuss uz vietējo perspektīvu” 

 Local Solidarity = Global Solidarity Network's 4th meeting in Bulgaria

Local Solidarity = Global Solidarity Network's 5th and Final meeting in Brussels