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Recruit potential – VET measures for Inclusive Employers - Recruit potential

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INTERNATIONAL PROJECT “RECRUIT POTENTIAL” has been successfully completed

Within the frameworks of the European Union's Erasmus+ programme the Daugavpils City Council together with the Skelleftea Municipality in Sweden (Lead Partner) successfully implemented the project Recruit potential (“Recruit potential – VET measures for Inclusive Employers”). Project has been implemented by 5 partners from 5 different countries – Sweden, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Latvia.

The aim of the project was implementation of measures for inclusive recruitment by means of appropriate training. The main challenge of this project is the demand for competent and skilled workers in the labor market, which over time can become greater than the supply.

In order to improve the recruitment of human resources and the quality of work in local governments, a learning program was developed as a part of the project. This learning program is intended for all types of professionals working with staff, administration and work organization. The program is designed to promote an inclusive labor market and highlight the benefits of a diverse workforce. The program consists of 6 modules which include presentations and additional handouts for interactive learning of the topic.

Read more about the program here. The online version of the learning program is available on the project website in the section - Learning Recourses. Please select one of the four languages:


AIM:  to support education, training in Europe, to promote international co-operation among EU countries and to promote the recognition of Daugavpils in the EU context and to create a sustainable network between the cities and municipalities involved in the project. The specific aim of the project is implementation of measures for inclusive recruitment by means of appropriate training.


  4. Canice Consulting Limited, UNITED KINGDOM;
  5. Stichting Business Development Friesland, NETHERLANDS.

IMPLEMENTATION TERM: 1st October, 2017 – 9th October, 2019


1st event – Lousada, Portugal – kick-off 11/2017

2nd event –Daugavpils, Latvia, “Employers as Educators”

3rd event – Ziemeļīrija, Apvienotā Karaliste, “Open Educational Resources”

4th event – Nīderlande, “Vadlīniju izstrāde projekta rezultātu ieviešanai partneru pārstāvētajās iestādes”

5th event – Skelleftea, Sweden, final even


  • training program created for raising the level of knowledge and experience of employees and employers on inclusive recruitment (program will be translated in Latvian and will be available on the project website to all interested);
  • gathered information on best practices and ideas among partners involved;
  • 5 international meetings organized;
  • training of municipality employees organized;
  • an international event organized in Daugavpils to involve local people, employers, inform them about the results of the project, as well as the training program established within the framework of the project;
  • 22 mobilities fulfilled.

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