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Water Management

Information has been updated at 24.10.2018, 10:30

14 neighbourhoods are connected to the central water supply and sewage system of the city: the Centre, Esplanāde, the Fortress, Ķīmija, Kalkūni, Ezermala, Jaunā Forštadte, Dzelzceļnieks, Gajoks, Križi, Čerepova, Vecstropi, Mazie and Jaunie Stropi. Connection to the municipal water supply and sewerage networks are partially provided for the citizens and institutions in the neighbourhoods of ​​Grīva, Ruģeļi, Jaunbūve, Viduspoguļanka and Vecā Forštadte. Water for centralized water supply is derived from water abstraction boreholes "Ziemeļi", "Vingri" and "Kalkūni". Sewage water is treated in sewage water treatment facilities of the city and sewage water treatment facility "Križi". The sewage sludge produced by the sewage water treatment facilities is accumulated and stored in sludge fields "Križi". Water supply and sewerage objects are managed by SIA "Daugavpils ūdens".

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