Daugavpils symbols

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The official symbols of Daugavpils the city emblem and the flag.

Daugavpils City Council’s documents connected with city’s symbols.


Daugavpils pilsētas ģerbonim – 90

Current city coat of arms was approved on the 31st of October, 1925, renewed on the 21st of June, 1990. It officially entered the Latvian Register of emblems on the 14th of April, 2007 in accordance with Latvian Law of Coats of arms, passed in 2004.

Heraldic description of city coat of arms: “A silver waved beam at a blue field, a golden lily above, a silver notched brick wall beneath”.

City coat of arms of 1925 has many things in common with Dinaburg stamp’s contour.

St Mary the Virgin’s symbol – the lily is depicted on the top of the stamp. The waved beam is the symbol of Daugava river. A brick wall indicates the old Dinaburg’s castle, which gave birth to the city, and the city rights, assigned in 1582. Even if it doesn’t match the idea of coat of arms’s authors, the brick wall nowadays gets usually associated with Dinaburg Fortress, built in 1810-1878. 

For more information about the coat of arms, follow the link: Wikipedia



It is considered, that the current city flag has been established in 1937. It has been revived as one of the official city’s symbols on the 21st of June, 1990. Description of the flag: “Rectangular shaped, the area is divided in two similar horizontal zones: the upper part is carmine-coloured, the lower part is coloured white. In the middle of the flag is situated Daugavpils’ coat of arms”. The correlation of height and width is 1:2.

For more information about Daugavpils flag, follow the link: Wikipedia

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