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JSC "Daugavpils satiksme" provides public transport services in Daugavpils on 4 tram and 33 bus routes with 42 tramcars and 60 buses.

Currently, the tram fleet has 8 model 71-911 tramcars, 4 – model 71-631, 8 – model 71 623-02, 12 – model KTM5M3, 10 – model TATRA, and 3 model RVR tramcars. The bus fleet consists of 28 Solaris, 16 Volvo, 5 Iveco buses and 11 Mercedes Benz buses with small passenger capacity.

Tram Timetable

 Bus timetable

According to the decision of Daugavpils City Council No. 615 of December 12, 2013, JSC "Tramvaju uzņēmums" changed its name to JSC "Daugavpils satiksme". On December 17, 2013, Daugavpils City Council adopted a decision No. 634 "On the initiation of the reorganization of the limited liability company "Daugavpils autobusu parks" by separating the part of public transportation services and making it a part of the joint stock company "Daugavpils satiksme"". From January 1, 2014, JSC "Daugavpils satiksme" provides passenger transportation by buses as well.

According to the decision of Daugavpils City Council No. 447 of July 15, 2021, the reorganization process of JSC "Daugavpils satiksme" and "Parkings D" Ltd. had been started. On October 1, 2021, the reorganization agreement was signed and with the decision of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia No. 6-12/161/2 "Parkings D" Ltd. was joined to JSC "Daugavpils satiksme".

Sabiedriskais transports

Currently, paid parking lots are organized in particularly busy sections of the streets, where it is necessary to ensure the rotation of vehicles to ensure greater accessibility of places of socio-economic activity for both city residents and guests. Their number, convenient location and level of comfort affect the operation of various establishments (especially in the field of trade and services), as well as increase or decrease the level of traffic flow service and affect the environment.

Within the project No. "Development of Environmentally Friendly Public Transport in the City of Daugavpils" implemented by JSC "Daugavpils satiksme" 8 new low-floor four-axis tramcars were purchased in 2020.

As part of the Cohesion Fund project, since February 5, 2020, JSC "Daugavpils satiksme" has started passenger transportation on the new section of tram route No. 3 from Vasarnīcu Street to the Daugavpils Regional Hospital. The new tram route has gained great popularity among residents, it is especially relevant for residents from the neighbourhoods of Stropi and Neredzīgo biedrība (Society of the Blind), and it has also made it easier for passengers to get to various departments of the regional hospital.

Within the framework of the project "Development of Environmentally Friendly Public Transport in the City of Daugavpils, Phase 2", reconstruction works of the tramline and catenary in the section Parādes Street - Cietokšņa Street - Fortress have been completed and put into operation at the beginning of 2021. As a result, a modern electric supply system for trams and the regularity of tram traffic has been ensured. Tram motion has become smoother, safer and faster. The catenary is adapted for the use of pole-type and pantograph-type current collectors, which significantly improves the operation and speed of trams.

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