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According to the data of the Central Statistical Bureau of Republic of Latvia (CSB) Daugavpils is the second largest state city of Latvia in terms of population, in the end of year 2021 there were 80 627 people in Daugavpils, that is 4.2% of the total number of inhabitants of Latvia. Total area of Daugavpils is 72,3 km2 and it is third largest city of the territory of Latvia.

The number of population in Daugavpils in the period from 2014 to the beginning of 2021 has decreased by 7.7%, as it also tends to decrease elsewhere in Latvia. The population is declining mainly due to negative natural growth or the number of deaths exceeding the number of births, as well as because of negative migration. During the year 2021, the population decreased by 960 people or by 1.18%.

Changes in the population of Daugavpils from 2014 to 2021 (Data source: CSB)

According to the data of the Registry Office, in 2021, 612 children were born in Daugavpils, 1291 people died, thus the natural increase of the population was negative -679.



At the beginning of 2021, 60.2% of the population of Daugavpils were of working age. 14.7% of the population were under working age, while 25% were over working age. Compared to 2014, the population up to working age has increased by 1%, and the population of working age has also increased by 0.8%. As a result, the working age population has decreased by 1.9%.

The age groups of Daugavpils population 2016-2021 (Data source: CSB) 


The national structure of Daugavpils population

Daugavpils is a city with different nationalities and the ethnic structure and population does not have significant changes in Daugavpils in the last years.

Proportion of population by nationality in 2021, % (Data source: CSB) 



According to the State Employment Agency, the number of unemployed in Daugavpils has gradually decreased over the last seven years, falling to 3,468 jobseekers in January 2020. However, in January 2021, compared to the previous year, there is a significant increase due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Changes in the number of unemployed in Daugavpils by years (Data source: SEA)


By the duration of unemployment, 43% of the registered unemployed in January 2021 were in this status for up to six months, 24% have been unemployed for 6-12 months, 24% have been unemployed for 1-3 years and only 9% for more than three years.

47% of all unemployed in January 2021 have the highest level of education, followed by 20% with general secondary education and 18% with higher education. In turn, 12.5% ​​of the unemployed have a basic education and 2.5% have not completed a basic education.

By the age of the unemployed, about a third are aged 30-44. 41% of the unemployed are aged 45-59 and 13% are over 60. 15% are young people (15-29 years old).


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