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The main elements of the transport infrastructure of the city of Daugavpils are national, regional and local highways, railway lines, public transport and in the future potential regional airport. The accessibility and economic development of the city are ensured by the national highways A6 and A13, as well as the main streets of the city - 18. novembra street, Daugavas street, Cietokšņa street, Rēzeknes street, etc., which are important transit traffic highways that cross both the residential areas of the city and its centre. The total length of transit streets in the city is 21 kilometres. The city of Daugavpils is divided into two parts by the Daugava river, its right and left banks are connected by one bridge, but in the future it will be necessary to build a second bridge over the Daugava, which would improve the traffic flow.

Smiltenes street two-level overpass



State road network in Daugavpils and its outskirts



Street infrastructure of the city



The total length of bicycle paths in the administrative territory of the municipality in 2023 is 33.99 km. So far, several transport infrastructure development projects have been implemented, integrating bicycle traffic infrastructure solutions into them, thus promoting the development of micromobility in the city area. In recent years, sections of pedestrian and bicycle paths have been built in several street reconstruction projects, they are available, for example, on Stiklu, Sakņu streets, Gubišče and Stropi lake shores and elsewhere. The Bruģu Street promenade and Cietokšņa promenade have been built in the city territory, which are friendly to cyclists. The Esplanade bicycle park and the Stropi active recreation and sports track have infrastructure suitable not only for cyclists, but also for riding skateboards and scooters. Bike parking stations are available in the city centre, in the Cietoksnis neighbourhood, at some general and professional education institutions, near shopping centres, as well as at municipal and state institutions.


The city's cycle traffic infrastructure development plan includes cycling routes No. 778 "Augšzeme ezeru loks", No. 35 "Daugava loki", EuroVelo 11 "Daugavpils - Rēzekne", existing cycle sites in the city territory, as well as planned cycle sites and prospective bicycle roads/cycle lanes.


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