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City infrastructure

Daugavpils Fortress, the historical centre of the city, century-old wooden buildings and the Church Hill in Jaunbūve can be considered the most significant and characteristic urban elements of Daugavpils. Daugavpils can be proud of the large number of water bodies (12 lakes, Daugava river etc.), as well as parks and a vast wood park that surrounds the city. Historically Daugavpils has developed from a number of different residential areas. Within the framework of the Development programme of Daugavpils local government and Augšdaugava municipality 2022 - 2027  (according to the spatial planning) residential areas will be developed in order to preserve their originality and at the same time to ensure a good quality of services received by residents in all parts of the city. Attractive living environment forms an important aspect of investment climate, which is a significant factor for attracting foreign as well as internal investments from other regions of Latvia to Latgale region.

NEIGHBORHOODS Streets and traffic

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