Now in Daugavpils

Autumn season's exhibitions in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Information has been updated at 15.11.2021, 12:12

The Rothko Centre offers five new  projects:

  • British artist Michael Kidner (1917–2009), a pioneer of Optical Art in the 1960s, is represented with a vast collection of paintings “Love Is a Virus from Outer Space”;
  • Ilze Lībiete (Latvia) is featured with a graphic retrospective “Road to the Sea”
  • Jānis Kupčs (Latvia) reveals his latest output in the painting medium in “Cruel Romances”
  • Daniel Fuchs (Germany) offers fabulous woodcarvings in his show “Creation”
  • Elissa Marchal (France) explores the fundamental elements of painting and the material properties of colour in “The Space Between”.