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Project “Intelligent Nordic-Baltic Ecosystems”

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Project name:

“Intelligent Nordic-Baltic Ecosystems”

Project No.

Project No. PA-GRO-1488

Lead partner:

Vänersborg Municipality (Sweden)

Project partners:

1.      Cooperation partner in Baltic countries - Daugavpils (Latvia)

2.      Cooperation partner in Baltic countries – Tartu (Estonia)

Financed by:

Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration

Project implementation time:

August, 2022

Project aim and activities:

Project Intelligent Nordic-Baltic Ecosystems (INBE) aims to boost the public administration authorities of the participating cities to become the engines for the recovery of their local economy and strengthen citizen participation and wellbeing.

Within the frameworks of the project Daugavpils will host representatives from Vänersborg Municipality. Meetings, discussions and work seminars will be organized regarding the infrastructure of e-governance and successful digitalization of services that are offered by municipality to its citizens.

It is planned to learn about the best practices in the field of e-governance and digitalization of services from all countries involved in the project.

Press release and project mentions on social media:


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