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In Daugavpils you could watch TV programs of state or private TV channels such as: LTV1, LTV7, LNT, TV3, TV3 Plus and so on:



Address: Jelgavas street 1b, Daugavpils
Tel. (+371) 654 07650

The press

‘Latgales laiks' Newspaper of Daugavpils city and county

‘Latgales laiks' Newspaper of Daugavpils city and county(in Latvian and Russian)

Adrese: Saules iela 71b, Daugavpils
Tālr.: 65422134,

Newspaper “Сейчас”

Newspaper “Сейчас”(in Russian language)

Jelgavas iela 1b, Daugavpils
Tālr.: (+371) 65435420,

Newspaper “Миллион”

Newspaper “Миллион”(in Russian language)

Rīgas iela 26, Daugavpils
Tel.: (+371) 65420598
Fax: (+371) 65420598

Magazine “КАПИТАЛ Регион”

Magazine “КАПИТАЛ Регион”(in Russian language)

Sakņu iela 28-1, Daugavpils
Tel.: (+371) 65429851, (+371) 65429783

Newspaper “Наш город”

Newspaper “Наш город”(in Russian language)

Viestura iela 2, Daugavpils
Tel.: 25131068


Popular local radio stations:

Radio “Alise plus”

Radio “Alise plus” (FM-101,6)

Adrese: Raiņa iela 28, Daugavpils
Tālr.: (+371) 65422322

Mail, telephone, fax

Helpline – 1188 or (+371) 67222222.

Central post office of Daugavpils

Central post office of Daugavpils

Rīgas 42a, Daugavpils
Tel.: (+371) 65422400


“Autopasts”(Express mail)

Adrese: Viestura iela 10, Daugavpils
Tālr.: (+371) 65423666


“DHL”(Express mail)

Adrese: Lāčplēša iela 20, Daugavpils
Tālr.: (+371) 29239292


“UPS”(Express mail)

Adrese: Ģimnāzijas iela 16, Daugavpils
Tālr.: (+371) 65421180

News agencies