Music and Art Festival „Daugavpils ReStArt 2021” Culture news

Music and Art Festival „Daugavpils ReStArt 2021”

This week the X Music and Art Festival "Daugavpils ReStArt 2021" will be opened in Daugavpils with an aim to discover the diversity of music and art.

The festival will start with a performance involving active art participation DESTRUCTION in the yard of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre on 17 September at 19:00 while on Saturday 18 September at 20:00 as part of the opening of "Daugavpils ReStArt 2021" Rīgas Street Festival will take place, this time dedicated to the theme of the movement.

Such artists as soloist Margarita Levchuk (Belarus), Inga Berzina and  Mirage Jazz Orchestra, Eolika, Carnival Youth, Vjaceslavs Mitrohins with a band, brass orchestra Daugava and orchestra Daugavpils Sinfonietta, Riga Saxophone Quartet, Stop Time Dance Studio and Very Cool People, Laimas Muzykanti and others will perform during the festival with their concert programmes.

Daugavpils Sinfonietta Orchestra has prepared special greetings for the audience – a concert "On the way to the European Capital of Culture". 

For visitors interested in visual arts – the exhibition of Alina Petkuna's paintings "Rock and Roll Faces" in the club Artilērijas pagrabi will be accessible during the festival and the opening of the photo exhibition "One Day in the Griva" of the society Stāstnīca on 9 October  in Pārdaugava Library.

Manhattan Short film festival – 26-27 September at the Unity House, those interested will have the opportunity to see the finalists’ programme of the International Manhattan Short Film Festival.

At the end of the 10th Music and Art Festival "Daugavpils ReStArt 2021", an evening of vocal music will take place on 22 October dedicated to the memory of Teresa Broka, with participation of choirs and ensembles from Preiļi and Augšdaugava regions and from Daugavpils city.

The festival will take place in various places in Daugavpils - Unity House, Culture Palace, Daugavpils Fortress, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Stanislav Brock Daugavpils Music High School, Latgale Central Library, Music Club “Artilērijas pagrabi”.

The festival is organized and supported by: Daugavpils city municipality, Culture Department of Daugavpils city municipality, Unity House, Culture Palace, Stanislav Brock Daugavpils Music High School, Daugavpils Region Artists Association, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, "Latvijas Koncerti", music club “Artilērijas pagrabi”, Latgale region development Agency.

Only people with a valid digital certificate will be able to attend the concerts.

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