The first face-to-face meeting of international project “Re-Gen” partners took place City news

The first face-to-face meeting of international project “Re-Gen” partners took place

The Verona municipality (Italy) hosted the first face-to-face meeting of the European territorial cooperation program "URBACT IV" project "Public space regeneration through integrated urban sports hubs for the participation of young citizens" (acronym: Re-Gen) partners from Daugavpils (Latvia), Albacete (Spain), Vila du Conde (Portugal), Pula (Croatia), Dobrich (Bulgaria), Milan (Italy) on November 28th – 29th, for the purpose of international exchange of experience to promote sustainable urban development.

During the meeting project participants visited municipality of Verona and met with the council members whose sphere of responsibility is innovation, youth policy, ensuring of equal opportunities, as well as ecology, mobility and environmental protection. The activities to be carried out within the project, the issues of establishing URBACT local groups, as well as possible training topics within the project were discussed in order to promote the capacity building of local government specialists in areas such as the promotion of youth participation in local government development planning, green transition, the principles of equal opportunities, as well as inclusive development of public outdoor space, etc.

​ The URBACT local group coordinator of the Verona municipality presented the action group's work plan for 2024-2025, ensuring the active participation of stakeholders in achieving the goals of the Re-Gen project, emphasizing the importance of a bottom-up approach and civic participation in urban planning processes. The neighbourhoods of the city of Verona, Santa Lucia-Golosine and Borgo Roma, were visited, presenting the challenges of these neighbourhoods, such as increasing traffic intensity due to the rapid expansion of the city, the lack of infrastructure suitable for children and young people, as well as limited cultural and social activities for free time. The project partners met with the civil society organizations of the city of Verona "LE FATE ETS" and "NUOVA ACROPOLI" involved in the project, which are active in the above-mentioned neighbourhoods, ensure cultural and social activities, incl. in Santa Teresa Park, which has been chosen as one of the pilot areas of the Verona Municipality within the project. During the meeting, the specialists involved in the project gained international experience in the context of civic participation promotion activities, getting to know the projects implemented by public organizations.

At the beginning of 2024, Daugavpils City Government will start the work of the URBACT local group, which will develop an integrated action plan for the revitalization of the municipality's public outdoor space, emphasizing the promotion of youth participation through sports activities.

A cooperation network of 9 cities has been established within the project – Verona (Italy), Albacete (Spain), Daugavpils (Latvia), Vila du Conde (Portugal), Corfu (Greece), Pula (Croatia), Dobrich (Bulgaria), Milan (Italy), Lezha (Albania).

According to the project application, the total costs of implementing the Re-Gen project in the Daugavpils Local Government are 78,660.00 euros, of which 80% or 62,928.00 euros are ERDF co-financing.

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