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Daugavpils University in cooperation with Daugavpils City Municipality starts STEM teacher training Education news

Daugavpils University in cooperation with Daugavpils City Municipality starts STEM teacher training

Teachers are invited to apply for STEM teacher training, which is implemented under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the period 2014-2021 program “Research and Education” activity “Innovation Centres” program project “Development of Innovation Centre in Daugavpils”, No. NFI/IC/VIAA/2020/4, Agreement No. 9.-

The training will run from 25 September to 30 October 2021 with the aim of enriching teachers' knowledge, skills and competences in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and entrepreneurship by fostering acquisition of innovative knowledge and offering new learning tools, thereby providing research-based knowledge and strengthening teachers' ability to inspire, motivate and support young people to focus more on science and technology studies to reach their future goals and for the sustainable development of society. Participants of the training will receive a certificate as a confirmation of the acquired topics in the amount of 60 academic hours.

Daugavpils University will ensure the implementation of the further education training program by combining remote and in-person classes. The online training will be supplemented by in-person classes – the experimental and practical part in DU laboratories, organized in accordance with the epidemiological safety requirements. STEM teachers who do not live in the territory of Daugavpils municipality will be provided with accommodation so that they can fully acquire all the topics and get involved in the formation of informal networks.

The aim of the project is to promote the development of knowledge and career choice of learners in the field of STEM and entrepreneurship by developing and implementing educational programs, interactive thematic classes, co-working spaces and other interactive activities for teachers and students. The lead partner of the project is Daugavpils City Council, while the cooperation partners are Daugavpils University and Trondheim Science Centre (Norway).

Participation at in-person classes only with interoperable COVID19 certificate or negative test.

Planned training topics:

25/09 ZOOM           Challenges of the competency approach for STEM teachers. Non-formal learning methods for developing STEM skills.

2/10 ZOOM             Story of stromanthe: from a holistic context of life processes to a sustainable windowsill.

8/10 IN-PERSON    Business environment.

9/10 IN-PERSON    Nanotechnologies in our daily lives.

                                Improving research skills in the chemistry learning process.

16/10 ZOOM           STEM applied or applicable areas – Earth remote exploration and GIS in science education.

23/10 ZOOM           The latest communication and information technologies for STEM teachers.

30/10 ZOOM           Skills for growth and future: methods and approaches for STEM teachers. Skills for the future and labour market turnover.

Apply for the training by filling the form HERE.



More information about the project:

Jolanta Ūzuliņa, Project Coordinator

Office of Strategic Planning and International Relations

at Daugavpils City Council Development Department