On 7th of August Daugavpils Fortress will host an international dance performance about time - a journey from memories of the past through the present to the future. Its artistic concept combines contemporary dance and hip-hop, as well as dynamic scenography with large-format projections and mirrors.

The performance is a part of a large scale project "People Power Partnership", which takes place in 11 Europe’s countries and at this stage the artistic team meets various Latvian and Portuguese dancers - 16 young people with different movement experience who passed the selection of project participants in the spring and is spending two weeks in Daugavpils Fortress working on the theme of the performance, creating choreography and filming projections which will be used both in this production and in future performances. On 7th of August Daugavpils Fortress will be brought to life not only by the dynamics of movements, but also by audio recordings in Latvian, Portuguese, English and Russian.

In the creative process participants ask each other questions about past experiences and how it affects their lives. If we consciously delve into the past and the environment that has shaped us, can we break out of it by choosing our own, independent path? And at what point does it becomes difficult to choose to change because we are too cluttered with the usual truth?

The leading partner of the Creative Europe project “People Power Partnership” is the German organization “Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM” and the coordinators in Latvia are Foundation INITIUM. Project is supported by the Latvian Ministry of Culture, the Society Integration Foundation. Between 2020 and 2024 the partners will jointly carry out a number of high-level, sight-specific contemporary art performances on a variety of themes, highlighting the specifics of their venues and the issues facing local people. So far, such events have already taken place in Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Denmark, and the Latvian premiere is the fourth of 13 performances planned for this year.

Creative team:

Directed by Sigrun Fritsch (Germany)

Choreography - Jānis Putniņš

Producers - INITIUM Foundation

Attendance at the show is free, starting at 22.00 and it will take place at the small powder cellar of Daugavpils Fortress (Nikolaja Street 2).

The event can be visited either with a valid Covid-19 certificate or a negative test.

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