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Discussions on stereotypes within WIR project City news

Discussions on stereotypes within WIR project

Daugavpils City Council in cooperation with Vanersborg municipality (Vänersborgs kommun) in Sweden (lead partner) implements project WIR within the framework of  European Union Programme “Europe for Citizens”, 2nd activity “Democratic engagement and civic participation”. The project involves 10 partners from 7 countries – Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Finland and Latvia. Specific goal of the project is to understand the policies and strategy developed by the EU and the welcoming and integrating procedures implemented in the different member states, in order to eliminate stereotypes and misguided narratives about refugees.

From May 21th to 24th 2019 meeting was held within the framework of the present project in Dietzenbach, Germany where Daugavpils City Council participated as well. Partners presented situation in their countries on the topic of stereotypes. From the presentations, it can be concluded that society in each project partner’s country has the same stereotypes about people who are in any way different. Project partners had an opportunity to become acquainted with the experience of integration processes in participants’ countries.

Discussions and workshops were organized on three key topics: the migrant crisis in Europe and its impact on EU policies, the impact and consequences on European citizens of misguided narratives about the refugee’s issue, as well as the issues of democracy and refugees in Europe.

Project is financed by European Union program “Europe for Citizens”. Term of implementation: 16.10.2017. – 15.10.2019. The last project meeting will be organized in September.


Information prepared by I.Orlova