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Daugavpils City Council:

Support Of Business Enviroment in Daugavpils - download our presentation

Special Tax and Co-Financing Programms Within Daugavpils:

  • up to 25% for those who have created at least 5 new work places in a current year
  • up to 50% for the enterprises that employ people with disabilities (minimum 50% of the number of employees)
  • co-financing up to 70% for connecting to a centralized water supply or sewerage system
  • up to 75% of total project implementation costs. Maximum Grant volume 10 000 EUR



Register your company, merchant or organization in The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia

> Apply for any type of your business and method of tax payment at State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia

Print Summary Of Procedures Concerning Construction

Financing possibilities and platforms:

Latvian Development and Investment Agency 

Within the project, clients can apply for two types of grants:

up to 10 000 euros for specific services (prototyping, testing, licensing, certification, logistics, outsourcing, expert advice, etc.) - for each service;

up to 5 000 euros to cover the cost of acquiring equipment (production equipment, materials and raw materials) - for each unit of purchase. To apply for a hardware grant, a company must be a LIAA customer for at least 1 year.

Each grant is provided as co-financing with a maximum aid intensity of 50% of eligible costs.

Incubator customers can submit 8 grant applications per calendar year.

To summarize: a client can receive support from 40 000 - 80 000 euros per year, but not more than 200 000 euros for 3 years.


 Development Finance Institution ALTUM


Loan To Start A Business

Micro Loans

Loans for Business Angels Co-financed Projects

Seed and Start-Up Venture Capital Programme

Accelerator Funds Programme

Social Entrepreneurship Programme


Latgale Special Economic Zone:

About Latgale SEZ & FAQ

Advantages of Latgale SEZ

Special Tax Relief Within Latgale SEZ:

80% relief for company income tax;

Up to 100% relief for property tax.

   Maximum allowed support intensity from the investments:

  • 55% of the investment costs in tax relief – when the company conforms to category of small or micro company;
  • 45% of the investment costs in tax relief – when the company conforms to category of medium company;
  • 35% of the investment costs in tax relief – when the company conforms to category of large company.

   Accepted investments:

  • Long-term tangible investments – buildings, constructions, equipment and machinery;
  • Long-term intangible investments – costs of acquisition of patents and technology;
  • The assets purchased must be new, except if the company conforms to the status of small or medium-sized capital company.
  • Employee salary with taxes for 2 years.