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Daugavpils teacher StanislavsDidičs got a scholarship of SEB. Education news

Daugavpils teacher StanislavsDidičs got a scholarship of SEB.

On the 1st of November in Daugavpils City Council passed a festive ceremony. In the presence of Council's management the prize to Daugavpils teacher StanislavsDidičs was awarded by Daugavpils SEB branch office manager Andrej Jermolayevs.

SEB scholarship was created to honor and thank the educators - scholars, professionals, educators and students - a significant contribution to the identification of gifted students, and education, as well as in the management and organization of research works of students.

The main criteria for the selection candidates are rewards of students obtained at the state level contests and competitions of scientific works, as well as taking part or organizing events of regional or district level, intended for education of talented students. Also takes into account invested by candidates work in the development of educational resources for the needs of gifted students.

Scholarship 2012 is awarded to teacher of mathematics of Daugavpils Secondary School - Lyceum StanislavsDidičs for significant contributions to the teaching work in the Latgale region.

Congratulating the teacher, chairperson of Daugavpils City Council ŽannaKulakova expressed joy over the fact that the second year in a row exactly Daugavpils teachers deserve this recognition, and significant is also the fact that the winners are exactly math teachers, which indicates a high level of teaching the exact sciences.

Daugavpils City Council 1st Vice-Chairman VitalijsAzarevičs thanked SEB Bank for their support of education. He appreciates the achievements of the laureate and the level of education in the city as a whole, so it is a great joy that the work done by the people is appreciated.

Head of General and professional education Marina Isupova emphasized that there is reason to be proud of Daugavpils teachers. Mrs. Isupova glad for appreciation for the work of StanislavsDidičs, because it is deserved, because the highest rating is given to the students. Pupils appreciate the teacher exactly for an individual approach to their work.

Head of Daugavpils branch office SEB AndrejsJermolajevs was glad to get acquainted with an outstanding personality and expressed the willingness of the bank to continue supporting teachers for their contribution to the development of science.

Teaching experience of StanislavsDidičs makes 37 years.

Teacher loves and perfectly knows his subject, teaches with enthusiasm, creatively plans each lesson. He is an enthusiast who not only carries the curriculum, but also causes interest to studies at students so that they have the desire to grow and work. The teacher uses an individual approach to every student - develops individual assignments for the lesson and individual homework, uses interactive consultation for students.

Knowledge of the subject of the students is at a high level, and this is evidenced by the results of centralized examinations. In 2012 12 grade's students 100% passed the centralized examination in mathematics at the ABC level, including 58.8% for A level and 27.5% for the B level.

For his contribution to education of talented students teacher was awarded with honorary certificates and diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, Daugavpils Education Department and the school.

In 2011, the scholarship has received a math teacher of Daugavpils School of Concord AlesjaŠapkova.

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka.