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Vitalijs Azarevičs met with leaders of the school union organizations Education news

Vitalijs Azarevičs met with leaders of the school union organizations

Vitalijs Azarevičs met with leaders of the school union organizations

On the 9th of October Department of General and Professional education brought together the leaders of the school  trade union organizations. Meeting was attended by Daugavpils City Council 1st Vice-chairman Vitalijs Azarevičs and head of Department Marina Isupova. The purpose of the meeting was a conversation about what municipality has already done for the benefit of schools and teachers, as well as a discussion of what needs to be done in this area.

Vitalijs Azarevičs opened the meeting witch congratulations for the muster workers of education on Teacher's Day and wished new achievements. Mr. Azarevičs emphasized that City Council finds the opinion of teachers’ very important, also very important is the position of union organizations, and therefore meeting was organized.

Vitalijs Azarevičs expressed his position on salary increase. He admits that it is a priority, but with the salaries should be increased and the requirements, the professional level, there should be innovation, new technologies, techniques, and, of course, a decent salary. He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that theDaugavpilsschools don’t wait for anyone to come and give something, they independently actively participate in various projects, improving the material base of the school and raise the professional level of teachers, which is very commendable.

"We have a lot of programs to support the teachers. This year we have managed to prop the sphere of education as never before. On the 1st of September, the teachers were presented cash prizes, all applications from schools and kindergartens have been satisfied. More than 107 thousand lats in budget amendments are aimed at the development of education, "says Vitalijs Azarevičs.

Chairman ofDaugavpilsunion organization of the workers of education Junele Anna admits that in the past two years, much has been done by the government, and educators feel real and honest attitude towards themselves and the industry as a whole. She expressed appreciation for the fact that not only schools are supported, but also concern about the students and their families is expressed, as this year was introduced the 50% relief on nutrition in 2-4 classes, free public transport for all students, and it is a huge support for families, says Anna Junele. She expressed joy at this meeting, because it demonstrates a desire of governments to continue the dialogue and to listen to what is necessary to develop the education and support of workers in this sector.

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka.