Now in Daugavpils

The project „The regeneration of fortress territory” in Daugavpils will be evaluated at European Union level. City news


On the October - 9th the Ministry of environment and Regional development informed about the results of “European landscape Prize” contest, organised under the General Secretary of European Council. The winning national selection was the project presented by Daugavpils. For our city it is an honour to represent the country in the contest at European level.

This year there were 4 contests in Latvia and the goal was to highlight the practical initiative as an example of quality preservation and improvement of landscape on the territory of European participating countries.

In 2016 for the award were received 8 applicants. Daugavpils with the project  „The regeneration of fortress territory” managed to overtake Rīga, Valmiera, Jelgava, Rēzekne, Sigulda and also the project of Latgale Regional Planning and Development Agency. The benefits of the Daugavpils project „The regeneration of fortress territory” were very convincing.

The criteria for evaluation of the applicants were the following:

-   The long-term impact on area development;

-   The relevance of the project as an example of good practice;

-   The population involvement;

-   Promoting the understanding of landscape protection, preservation and development in accordance with  the specific project;

The jury comprised representatives of various sectors, including specialists from the Department of tourism and State Agency for investment and development. They evaluated the projects from the point of view of touristic attraction.

The award was conferred to Daugavpils on October - 9th with the occasion of The European days of cultural communities. This year the event motto was „Dambis”, that relates very much with the Fortress theme, and thus on the October - 10th the event will be held in the Daugavpils fortress.


Department of Public Relations and Marketing of Daugavpils Municipality