Now in Daugavpils

The collaboration of Daugavpils City Council and Trondheim (Norway) develops successfully City news


The delegation from the city of Trondheim in Norway visited Daugavpils. This visit is the next step in the development of partnership ties between the two cities.

The idea for this partnership arose during the seminar „Opportunities of Cooperation between the Municipalities of Norway and Latvia”, which was held in our city last year. Today, already, in the framework of Norway Bilateral Finance Instruments run specific programs, including The Efficiency Improvement of the Work of Municipalities. Daugavpils has gained new experience. Moreover, with Norway funds was reconstructed the water tower building in the fortress, which now houses the information centre. The cooperation with Trondheim opens new opportunities.

The first steps on cooperation way will be the exchange of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre exhibitions with those of Trondheim Art Museum. According to main curator of the stock, Cathrine Hovdahl Vik, there are plans to organise new international exhibitions in both cities. Science entertainment centre for children in Trondheim city is alike our „ZINOO”. The centre`s employees get acquainted with each exhibit with professional interest. With the help of Norwegian funds, Daugavpils Science Centre might be significantly developed and modernised to further provide children with new opportunities of leisure.