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The work group of the project „Enhancing  volunteering actions and quality in Europe” (EVOLAQ) was held on the 13th of June. During the work group its representatives Jekaterina Smirnova (Volunteer of the Year Award 2014 of Latvia, the student of Daugavpils University) and Andzey Zacinajev (Deputy of director of J.Pilsudska Daugavpils state polish gymnasium) told about their experiences of conference, which took place in Norrkoping (Sweden). The delegations from eight EU countries, including Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Finland, Latvia and Croatia was attended in conference and the participants were introduced to the voluntary work examples and methods. The voluntary work methods in many European countries is at the high level: volunteer passports, free rides, variety of discounts and bonus points in the city, successful advertising management of voluntary work, etc. Other countries successful experience in voluntary work provides an opportunity to reflect on how to implement these methods in Daugavpils City Municipality.

NGO Latvian Red Cross, Youth Department of Daugavpils City Council, Culture

Department of Daugavpils City Council, Daugavpils City Education Department, Daugavpils city Sport Department and Development Department of Daugavpils City Council expressed opinions about how their solve the challenges that is related to voluntary work, what are obstacles in the working with volunteers and how we can to develop the voluntary work in Daugavpils city.