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The Museum of Shmakovka* opened in Daugavpils City news


On June 3rd the traditional red ribbon has been cut at the “Shmakovka” Museum, a unique tourist destination has appeared in the city.

As the Major of Daugavpils Janis Lāčplēsis noticed, there is whisky in Scotland, bourbon in United States, chacha in Georgia, slivovitz in Croatia. For non-one it seems odd to promote national cuisine and local drink. Meanwhile Latgale also has their own national brand - Shmakovka. What does this alcoholic drink differ in? Firstly, the fact that it is produced only from natural raw ingredients. Secondly, in Latgale every family has its own unique recipe.

The idea of creation of “Shmakovka” museum belongs to Agency of Development of Latgale region. The project is implemented within a cross-border project, and the financial means for its implementation are allocated by European funds.

There are not only the samples of moonshine machines in the exhibition. In fact, “Shmakovka” museum - it’s just a reason to talk about the history of Latgale, how despite the governmental changes the local people kept traditions of their ancestors.

Now degustation of beverage is provided by local farm "Selia", which has license to produce and sale Shmakovka. There is a vacancy of opening a local cuisine café next to the museum. It seems that entrepreneurs want to be convinced that tourists and citizens will be interested to visit the museum as well as to get acquainted with culinary heritage of Latgale.

The museum will be open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 till 19:00, Sunday from 11:00 till 17:00. Monday and Tuesday will be days off. 

*National Latgalian alcoholic beverage