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Ambassador of Georgia in Latvia Teimuraz Janjalia visited Daugavpils. Council news

Ambassador of Georgia in Latvia Teimuraz Janjalia visited Daugavpils.

Ambassador of Georgia in Latvia Teimuraz Janjalia visited Daugavpils on August 2. His visit in the city started with the meeting in Daugavpils city council. Chairperson of city council Jānis Lāčplēsis and 1st deputy chairperson Jānis Dukšinskis met the diplomat.

Ambassador of Georgia arrived with councillor Nino Baakashvili and the 1st secretary Giorgi Goletiani.

The presentation about Daugavpils was prepared for the guests.

After the presentation, ambassador expressed his gratitude for warm welcome to the city. He told that he already was in Daugavpils and participated in one of cultural events, but as ambassador he is for the first time, because he is only three months as ambassador.

The ambassador of Georgia Teimuraz Janjalia explained that he begins his getting acquainted with Latvia by visiting cities that have partner cities in Georgia. Daugavpils has a partner city in Georgia- Batumi. Daugavpils and Batumi are linked through business as well. Company ‘Regula Baltija’ exports its goods to Georgia. Besides- 3 football players in the city’s football team ‘Daugava’ are from Georgia.

The ambassador of Georgia holds a view that cooperation in the field of culture shall be enhanced. He expressed regret over the fact that no participants from Georgia have performed at cultural events of Daugavpils yet. The ambassador expressed his willingness to provide assistance. The aim of the ambassador’s visit is to obtain information and encourage cultural links between the two countries.

Economic component is an essential part of the cooperation. Daugavpils is a great industrial centre. The city’s experience in this field would be of great value. Currently there is an economic growth in Georgia which aims to become an exporting country. Besides, Georgia aspires to have a close cooperation with the European Union. The ambassador named logistics as another potential field of cooperation, because Daugavpils serves as an important centre of logistics. The ambassador of Georgia informed that before his visit to Daugavpils he had a telephone conversation with the mayor of Batumi. Te municipality of Batumi is particularly interested in Daugavpils’ experience in social sphere. Both the ambassador and the administration of city council stated that there are perspectives for cooperation.

The chairperson of Daugavpils city council Jānis Lāčplēsis emphasized that Daugavpils would like to develop cooperation with Georgia. ‘Regula Baltija’ was named as a positive example while talking on economic cooperation. Entrepreneurs shall estimate the opportunities resulting out of cooperation with Georgia. Municipality of Daugavpils is ready to share experience with its cooperation partners.

After the meeting at Daugavpils city council the ambassador visited the enterprise ‘Regula Baltija’ and got acquainted with Daugavpils fortress.


Information has been prepared by the press secretary of Daugavpils city council Līga Korsaka

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