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On a tripartite consultative meeting of council was discussed the development of entrepreneurship and collaboration with businessmen Council news


On a tripartite consultative meeting of council was discussed the development of entrepreneurship and collaboration with businessmen

Council meeting passed on the 6th of November at Daugavpils City Council. Government was represented by Daugavpils City Council Vice-Chairperson Livija Jankovska.

Opening the meeting, Mrs. Jankovska emphasized that during the last year Daugavpils has intensified economic activity, as shown by indicators - amounts grew by 12%, reaching the highest observed showings in the food industry and metalworking. Livija Jankovska said that local government is doing everything possible to help entrepreneurs. Helps to disseminate information, provide a forum for entrepreneurs, the priority of the government is the modernization of infrastructure, which is closely linked to the economic well-being. But the sad fact is that entrepreneurs are not always responsive and use the offers of a government. There are two options - either the businessmen do not need help, or they do not believe they can get help. The results of government and business cooperation exist, as reflected by presentation of the situation in Daugavpils, prepared by the Division of business development. Have increased the production rates, new businesses have appeared, has established close cooperation for attracting investors to the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, the modernization of industrial zones, because the government considers it is the main condition for a growing economy of Daugavpils. Much has been done in the modernization of transport infrastructure. Speaking about the Investment forums, Livija Jankovska emphasized that, of course, the results will not be able to see tomorrow or the day after. This is a long-term deal, these are the contacts, the information, this is estimation and only after that a decision making. Daugavpils City Council is open for cooperation with the business, but wants more active participation of entrepreneurs, trust into the desires of the government to help, because only together we can achieve results.

Head of Business Development department, Vladimir Nadeždin announced the information about the preparation for the exhibition of industry of metal, which will be held in Riga from 29 November to 1 December. 6 companies of metalworking from Daugavpils, who are ready to come together under a common stand of Daugavpils, have applied. It should be noted that Daugavpils is the only place that advertises itself through the enterprise. The participants admitted that it a big plus not only for the businessmen, which have the facilitated participation in the exhibition, but also the promotion of the city of Daugavpils as a major industrial center, and due to this we can expect the attention of investors to our city.

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka