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Daugavpils City Council’s management had a meeting with a delegation from Panevezys Council news

Daugavpils City Council’s management had a meeting with a delegation from Panevezys

Panevezys (Lithuania) - the twin city of Daugavpils, who joined the program "Border sports exchanges - football unites us" with Daugavpils. This visit is another stage of the project. Coaches from Panevezys Football Academy and representatives of government came as well. Visitors were welcomed in City Council by Chairperson Žanna Kulakova and Vice-Chairman Vjačeslavs Širjakovs.

Žanna Kulakova emphasized that Daugavpils - is a sports city, that great attention is paid to the massive sports and a healthy lifestyle. So City Festival this year was dedicated to the sport. She wished the cooperation between the two cities to expand in order to have more opportunities to share experiences, and gave congratulations to Panevezys from Daugavpils, the twin city.

Vjačeslavs Širjakovs thanked the guests for their interest and commonwealth for the desire to share the experience. He wished the best impressions of Daugavpils.

Head of Sports Department Aleksandrs Isakovs emphasized that this meeting in Council demonstrates the interest of government in the development of sport, and the government does the real works. He expressed his joy over the opportunity to participate in this project and hopes that it will bring many benefits.

Guests from Panevezys said that their city is based on three pillars: business, culture and sports. But the city is also interested in the development of other industries, so the cooperation will certainly have a place and it will continue in the sport also after the completion of the project.

The aim of this board project is to organize cooperative sport events, promotion of the project. Target audience - young people 12-18 years old, so the project involves Children and youth center "Daugava". The project purchased sports equipment and form, runs a development of a common training program for football players, competitions are held between the teams.

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka.