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The impressions of the Saeima Sports subcommittee of Culture, Education and Science committee about Daugavpils are only positive. Council news

The impressions of the Saeima Sports subcommittee of Culture, Education and Science committee about Daugavpils are only positive.

Subcommittee was working in Daugavpilson the 15th of October. There was a meeting withDaugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova. Members of subcommittee were offered to meet the infrastructure of sport inDaugavpils – subcommittee attended Daugavpils Ice Hall, Sport boarding-school, Chess and Checkers club, “Lokomotive” stadium. After the lunch the subcommittee had a visiting meeting.

The meeting was opened byDaugavpilsCity Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova. She expressed satisfaction over the interest of Saeima’s deputies concerning life in regions and expressed conviction, that expressions aboutDaugavpilswill be only positive.

Subcommittee’s president Ivan Klementjev explained, the idea of a visiting meeting appeared during the conversation about the activity of the Olympic Centre. Members of the subcommittee wished to see, how analogical institutions work, that is why they visit those cities, which have the Olympic Centers. Concurrently, subcommittee met the infrastructure of sport inDaugavpilson common.

Mr Klementjev explained that on the 22th of October the first public accounting reading of state budget will take its place, therefore, it is very important to realize the needs and problems of sport sphere. The second aim is communicating with local government’s chairpersons, sportsmen, answering their questions.

A special presentation about the development of sport sphere inDaugavpilswas prepared for the deputies of Saeima. Daugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova emphasized, thatDaugavpilshas a conception of development of Sport sphere, which is expounded in handouts.

During the meeting there was a discussion concerning salaries of coaches and the problems, connected with governmental financing, as well as about creating branch-offices of sport school Murjanu in the regions in order to develop sport evenly, and, for example, fighting sports and fencing could be developed in Daugavpils.

During the meeting the local government representatives answered the questions about the development of sport for disabled persons. Head of Sport administration Aleksandrs Isakovs informed, that the city has two sport organizations for disabled persons, which regularly achieve the support from the government. Head of Daugavpils Olympic Centre Uldis Pastars explained that Olympic Centre is fully corresponding to the needs of exploitation by disabled persons and provides an ability of active lifestyle for the disabled persons.

Speaking of assessment of city’s budget into sport sphere, Daugavpils City Council Vice-chairman Vjačeslavs Širjakovs explained, that the finance for sport sphere in 2013 will be at least as big as in 2012, because sport is one of the main priorities in government’s work, especially children and youth sport.

Deputies of Saeima admitted, that things seen inDaugavpilsimpress and convince, thatDaugavpilsis working purposefully on the development of Sport sphere.

At the end of the meetingDaugavpilsCity Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova thanked the subcommittee for the shown interest about the life ofDaugavpilsand expressed hope about the further support of Saeima’s deputies.

After the meeting the committee got acquainted to Daugavpils Olympic Centre.