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Traditional culture

Information has been updated at 30.01.2021, 20:52

Daugavpils regularly hosts events dedicated to the development and promotion of the traditional cultural heritage of different nations, as well as the acquisition of skills. Equal importance is attached to the activities and events of both Latvian and minority groups, especially by promoting their co-operation and exchange of experience.

Traditional culture groups are an integral part of the city's events, always confirming that Daugavpils has a unique cultural heritage and ethnic composition. The organized cultural events confirm the interest of the municipality and residents in successful intercultural communication and integration, ensuring the preservation and transmission of traditional cultural skills, traditions and heritage of all nationalities to future generations.

The city (cultural centers and cultural associations) has nine traditional cultural amateur art groups, the aim of which is to cultivate the traditional cultural values ​​of their people, popularize them, develop them and pass them on to future generations. Latvian traditional culture groups have traditionally been involved in the song and dance festival process, various activities and festivals, but methodological support has been available to minority groups relatively recently. In order to promote the inclusion of minority groups in the common development, consolidation and transmission of national traditions to future generations, it is necessary to promote their self-confidence and understanding of the traditions and peculiarities of their people. All the mentioned groups receive a targeted grant from the Latvian Centre of National Culture, which confirms that all the groups participate in the process of song and dance festivals, festive and inter-festive events.

The information has been compiled thanks to the financing of the State Culture Capital Foundation.