“Talk to Me!” at Rothko Centre courtyard Culture news

“Talk to Me!” at Rothko Centre courtyard

8 November through 31 December 2021, the Ceramic Association of Latvia offers the public its latest exhibition, “Talk to Me!”, available at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre courtyard.

Ceramics has always been a tactile art. A way for the artist to talk to the world and engage in self-reflection. As the creator’s hands touch the still soft clay, it comes to life and starts talking, both to and about the author, and it can say a lot across all manner of surfaces – rough and rugged or velvety smooth. The material’s capacity to immortalise emotions, patience, anxiety, order, expressiveness, tender touch or fleeting impressions is inexhaustible.

“Talk to me!” is a conversation between the ceramicist and the viewer who can see the exhibition through a tactile encounter. These are experience-based stories put out there and left for the world to see across various textures – from rough and jagged to gently smoothed and glazed. The artworks displayed at the exhibition are records of these conversations in the ceramic medium, which now goes out into the open to talk to anyone ready to touch.

The exhibition features 20 Latvian ceramicists: Ilona Abdulajeva, Sanita Ābelīte, Aivars Baranovskis, Nellija Dzalba, Ilze Emse Grīnberga, Kaspars Geiduks, Katrīna Geiduka, Una Gura, Ieva Jurka, Lauris Krauze, Olga Melehina, Eleonora Pastare, Rūdis Pētersons, Ilona Romule, Līga Skariņa, Agnese Sunepa, Astra Šēnberga, Elīna Titāne, Lilija Zeiļa, Linda Zelta.

The exhibition is organised by the Ceramic Association of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. The project was supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Ministry of Culture through its target-programme “KultūrELPA”.


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