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Daugavpils is a city with a well-balanced multi sectorial economy, where foundation of employment and welfare is a small and medium business, which is based on the new technologies and produces competitive products.

Daugavpils strategic advantages are:

•          Advantageous geographical position close to the borders of three countries;

•          Developed infrastructure;

•          Favorable business environment;

•          Low costs of living;

•          Educational institutions concentration;

•          Multinational environment.

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, important industrial center of Latgale. The

city is advantageously situated close to the borders of three countries – 25 km to Lithuania, 35 km to Belarus and 120 km to Russia. Daugavpils city is strategically intersected by 5 railway lines and important motorways. Due to these factors the city has been developing as essential center of industry, education, culture, transportation, logistic, commerce and services.

Historically Daugavpils has been developing as industrial city that determines its economic development nowadays too.  In Daugavpils, the fundamental sectors of industrial production are metal processing, locomotive and railway rolling stock repair as well as production of food and beverages.


Industrial Structure in Daugavpils city, 2015 (%)

(Data of Development Department of Daugavpils City Council)



According to the  data of Daugavpils City Council  the major production companies

produced products amount of 188.23 million EUR and realized production amount of 200.88 million EUR in 2015.


Industrial volumes in Daugavpils, 2015 (million euro)

(Data of Development Department of Daugavpils City Council)


In 2015, stable sales of the products provided: food production (increase of 0.6% from the previous year's production volume), production chemical fibers and products (increase of  16.3%), agricultural machinery and related parts manufacturing ( increase of 31.5%). The largest Daugavpils commercial companies, which exports its products to more than 23 countries, not only to EU countries but also to the United States, South America, India, China, Mexico:


1)      SIA “Axon Cable”;

2)      SIA “Intergaz”;

3)      SIA “Nexis Fibers”;

4)      SIA “Zieglera mašīnbūve”;

5)      AS “Daugavpils Lokomotīvju remonta rūpnīca”;

6)      SIA “Regula Baltija”;

7)      SIA “Belmast”


The largest Daugavpils commercial companies, which operating at the wholesale:


1)      SIA “Petroactiv Latvia“;

2)      SIA “Mamas D”;

3)      SIA “Exito AVA”;

4)      SIA “Euro Energo Company”;

5)      SIA “Ingrid A”;

6)      SIA firma “Antaris”. 


Daugavpils largest exporting companies

(Data of Daugavpils City Council)





Country of capital holder

SIA “Axon Cable”

Manufacturing of electrical cables and compounds


AS “Daugavpils Lokomotīvju remonta rūpnīca”

Locomotive and railway rolling stock repair and production of spare parts


AS “Latvijas maiznieks”

Production of bakery products


SIA “East Metal”

Production of metal products (details of wind generators)


SIA “Nexis Fibers”

Production of chemical fiber


SIA “Centennial Industries”

Production of artificial leather products


SIA “Regula Baltija”

Production of electronic equipment and systems for documents authenticity control and automatic reading


SIA “Latgales alus D”

Production of beer


SIA “Zieglera mašīnbūve”

Production of parts for agricultural machineries


In 2015, 306 new companies was registered in Daugavpils. However, the number of eliminated companies has increased - 318 companies, which is 1.4 times more than in 2014.


Daugavpils Industrial Zones


1)      Warehouse zone “Cietokšņa” –472 608 m2;

2)      Northern Industrial Zone - 1 660 031 m2; including green area of 27 ha;

3)      Industrial zone “Čerepova” - 887 182 m2;

4)      Industrial territory “Dauer” - 147 759 m2;

5)      Industrial zone “Malu street” - 62 827 m2;

6)      Railway infrastructure service zone – 478 157 m2;

7)      Industrial zone “Western Gajok”– 61 553 m2;

8)      Industrial zone “Liginiški” - 89 636 m2.

In order to facilitate the formation of a favorable business environment and economic

development of the urban area of Daugavpils, in 2015 Daugavpils City Council realized the ERDF-funded project " Infrastructure development of Daugavpils North Industrial Zone " in the 1st stage amount of 4.3 million EUR, of which the ERDF co-financing – amount of 3 4 milj.EUR (79.4%).

Every year Daugavpils City Council works out the Catalogue  of Daugavapils Companies and Investment Opportunities, in which data on investment in suitable property objects is updated, as well as the identification of the largest companies in the territory, their addresses and cadastral numbers are also included in the catalogue.