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According to Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data, 101 057 people lived in Daugavpils in the beginning of 2012, which is less for 1 813 (0,98%) a year before. Number of citizens in Latvia’s second largest city makes up 4,6 % of summary number of inhabitants and 9 % of all cities’ residents. Total area of Daugavpils is 72 km2, which is third biggest town territory in Latvia. Density of population is 1 403,6 inhabitants per 1 km2, and it has a tendency to decrease.

According to census data, the number of resident citizensis 93 588 people.

Decreasing the number of inhabitants in 2011, as well as earlier, was influenced by natural movement, which grows as a result of international migration.

According to Daugavpils Civil Registry office data, 727 children were born in 2011 and 1 413 people died; thereby, the number of Daugavpils inhabitants decreased to 686 people as a result of natural augment changes. But in 2010 the number of inhabitants decreased for 804 people as a result of natural augment changes.


Pic. 1 The number of inhabitants in Daugavpils(Data of the CentralStatisticalBureau, census results**, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data in the beginning of 2012*)


Inhabitants number’s decrement influenced the number of different nationalities residents, as well as its’ proportions. According to OCMA data, the number of Latvians in Daugavpils decreased for 0,2%, number of Russians, Belarusians, Polish decreased for 0,1%.


Pic. 2. National composition of residents in Daugavpils (Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data in the beginning of 2012)

Mortality prevalence and negative inhabitants’ migration balance influences the division of residents in different age groups. Since 2006 the number of people before giving age reduced for 759 people, butthe number of able-bodied population reduced for 6 067 people (from 66,6% to 66,2%). The population over the working age reduced for 1 599 people. Therefore, demographical load counted on 1000 people was 512, which has an every year growing tendency.



-         Inhabitants before giving age

-         Able-bodied inhabitants

-         The population over the working age

Pic. 3 Daugavpils inhabitants’ age groups(Data of the CentralStatisticalBureau,Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data in the beginning of 2012*)

At the end of 2011 the number of economically active residents was 54, 6 thousands or 54% of the total number of inhabitants. Influenced by the economic recession, the number of economically active inhabitants reduced for 0, 9% which is 500 persons.

During the 2011 the unemployment rate reduced for 2, 1% and at the end of the same year rate’s value reached 10, 1%. The number of unemployed people at the end of the yearwas 5 510 persons, which is for 1 205 individuals less than last year. Although in comparison with economic indexes of recession, the unemployment rate is still at a high level. Besides, it has a growing tendency. 57, 7% (3 178) men and 42, 3% (2 332) women are registered as unemployed. Previously, the number of unemployed women (55, 5%) was also bigger, than among men.


-         The number of unemployed inhabitants

-         The unemployment rate (%)



Pic. 4 The number of unemployed persons and the unemployment rate in Daugavpils (%) (According to State Employment Agency data at the beginning of 2012)

Divided into target groups, the long-termed unemployment makes 2 074 or 37, 6% from total number of unemployed persons, older unemployed persons make 767 or 13, 9%. In compare with previous year, the number of long-termed unemployed persons increased for 5, 8%, the number of older unemployed persons increased for 2, 8%, however the number of younger unemployed persons (15 to 24 years old), reduced for 3, 4%.

Divided in educational levels, the unemployed persons with vocational education made the biggest number of unemployed inhabitants at the end of 2012 – 2 441 persons or 44, 3%. 1 265 or 23, 0% had general secondary education. 934 persons or 17, 0% among the unemployed inhabitants had higher education, 72, 5% (677 persons) of them were women.


Divided in age groups, the biggest number of unemployed inhabitants is taken by people aged 45 to 54 years – 1 503 or 27, 3% from the total number of unemployed residents. More than twice less persons, who’s age is 60 and more years, have been registered as officially unemployed inhabitants - 14,3% (790 people).

In order to encourage the unemployed inhabitants, Daugavpils city council took part into a project „Darba praktizēšanas pasākumu nodrošināšana pašvaldībās darba iemaņu iegūšanai un uzturēšanai” organized by State Employment Agency and European Social Fund. The project’s total payment is approximately 1,86 million lats. An opportunity to earn a 100 Ls scholarship has been given to 1 722 unemployed inhabitants since September, 2009.