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Daugavpils City Council’s Social Affair Office /

Social protection.

The situation with the welfare of society both in the country and inDaugavpils, today is hardly favorable. Social workers sense it more than the others. Now they solve problems in a complex: working in families, working with minor agedmothers, finding the solutions to problems of unemployment, housing and credit fees. At the moment it is the only City Council’s office, where people can turn to in a crisis moment of their lives and achieve help. Currently, the Social Affair Office is working in the same way: social help is provided in the same amount as well as social services. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the Social Affair Office is being fully funded. 28 types of various benefits and discounts are available for the residents. Daugavpils City Council is the only government inLatvia, where pensioners and disabled person are able to get a three-day free stay in a hospital or free family doctor visits.

Currently the Social Affair Office has 7 divisions:

1. Department of Social Assistance

2. Department of social services for families with children

3. Department of social servicesproviding to elderly persons and disabled persons

4. Department of social services providing to adults

5. Department of information, supervision, coaching, development and projects

6. Accounting department

7. The economic part.

And 9 structural units:

1. Social House

2. Social Orphanage

3. Nightshelter

4.DayCareCenterof Social Services and Rehabilitation

5. Bureau of home servicing

6. Center / shelter of family support

7. Day center services to people with mental disabilities

8. Group apartments


Social services

The Social Affair Officeis functioning according to Compulsory Regulations № 37 About the Social Services in Daugavpils City Council.

Social care is provided by:

• The Bureau of Home Care

• Social shelter

• Night Shelter

• Day care center for people with mental disabilities

• Family supporting center/shelter

• Group apartments for people with mental disabilities

•DayCenterof Rehabilitation and Social Services

• Long-term social care

• Department of social services to families with children

• Department of social services for older people and people with disabilities

• Department of social services to adults

Payable services on contract basis

• Special Social help center for children "Kalkuny"

• Alexander's special boarding-school

In 2011, due to the difficult economic situation, the number of needing persons inDaugavpilshas increased by 22%. Indigent families were 5674 or 6761 people. In comparison with 2010, the social budget of government grew by half a million lats, which allowed notto leave these people in trouble.

Daugavpils retained not only all kinds of social institutions required by law, but also the quality of highly qualified social workers of full social assistance and services.